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The landscape of trials has changed. Zach Herbert is a trial lawyer with tech skills and courtroom experience.

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Our litigation team combines innovation using trial technology to deliver results.

I make a plan, communicate the plan, and execute. My Marine Corps roots will always be hard to shake. Now that it’s just me, anytime a problem comes along I reach out to my network of attorneys in my local area that practice the same law that I do. We have a very good list in Dallas, and it’s just like being in a large office of attorneys. There is always someone who has had the same or a similar problem before, and the old cliché, “don’t reinvent the wheel” is very true for probably most areas of the law.

Core Values: Honesty, Honor, and Communication.

Data Nerds

At Herbert & Eberstein we are more than personal injury lawyers, we are data nerds. We track the rates of trials along with the amounts awarded to be able to give you a very clear picture of what to expect so that you can make a good, well-informed decision at the end of your case. See an example in our infographic.

The above infographic shows the rate of trials in Texas from last year. Car wreck trials were more common than all other civil trials. But the numbers show a very small chance of your case being tried. In fact, in the last 8 years, approximately 3 percent of all car wreck cases went to a jury trial in Dallas County.