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The reason caution signs exist is to keep the patrons of a business safe. In fact, without premises liability attorneys, no warnings of hazardous conditions would exist! The owner of a property has a duty to keep people that visit safe. Any known dangerous condition must be made safe for everyone. This can include, holes, slippery floors, cracks in the ground, and others. When you visit a store, apartment complex, or any property that you are allowed to visit, you are assuming that it is a safe place to go for you and your family.

Because not all property owners take your safety seriously, injuries still occur. If you have been hurt because of a dangerous condition on a property, contact Herbert Law Group now to make sure that you are protected. Many times after an accident, property owners will ask you to fill out an “incident report” that sometimes has a release hidden in it. Be careful of anything that you sign, and make sure a lawyer has read it before you sign.

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