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Lillian’s law, a law named after 76 year-old Lillian Stiles, allows for criminal charges against the owner of a dog that causes a person’s injury or death. However, there are no civil laws in Texas that protect the person who is injured. Texas follows caselaw that states the owner of the dog is liable if they knew that their dog was aggressive or dangerous and failed to keep the dog from others.

You might have heard of the “one bite rule”. This effectively states that the owner of the dog gets one bite free from consequences. But that is not necessarily the case. Most of the time when a dog viciously attacks another person, the owner has already had many warnings that the dog is aggressive and needs to be kept away from others. We will investigate your case and make sure that you know all your options before proceeding. Contact us now if you or a loved one has been injured by a dog bite.

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