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auto accident attorney photograph of car
Car Wrecks
May 27, 2020

How to Document Your Auto Accident

Good Documentation Helps Your Auto Accident Attorney In the digital age, it has become easier than ever to document exactly what happened during a crash. …
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Legal Help after a drunk driving accident texas oklahoma
Car Wrecks
May 20, 2020

Help! I was Hit by a Drunk Driver!

What to Do After a Drunk Driver Accident Instances of drunk driving have been declining in recent years.  With people more aware of the dangers,…
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car wreck attorney Dallas and Oklahoma City
Car Wrecks
May 13, 2020

Understand Head Injuries that Happen After a Car Accident

Your Car Wreck Attorney Helps with Your Settlement Car accidents are a big deal.  Even though you may feel fine immediately following the wreck, if…
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Personal injury attorney
Car Wrecks
May 6, 2020

You are Derailing Your Lawsuit When You Do This

Protect Your Car Accident Case and Avoid These Blunders When you’re injured in a car accident, you expect that insurance companies will do the right…
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car accident attorney texas and oklahoma
Car Wrecks
April 29, 2020

Can I Sue an Uninsured Motorist after an Accident?

Your Guide to Being Reimbursed After an Uninsured Accident Every state requires that you carry at least a minimum amount of liability insurance.  The reason…
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Semi Truck Accident Attorney
Personal Injuries
April 22, 2020

You Need Legal Help after a Semi Truck Accident

Ensure Indemnification with a Truck Accident Attorney Indemnification.  You have probably seen the word before, and it’s usually used in association with insurance policies.  Really,…
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car wreck settlement car accident attorney texas oklahoma
Car Wrecks
April 15, 2020

How Long will My Car Wreck Settlement Take?

What to Expect with your Car Accident Attorney If you have ever been in a minor fender bender, you know that settlements can go quickly. …
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car accident lawyer
Car Wrecks
April 8, 2020

How to Get a Larger Settlement After Your Wreck

Negotiation Power is in Your Hands; Use It! Being in a wreck sucks.  Even the smaller ones where you aren’t injured, the damage is relatively…
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Car Crash Attorney Texas Oklahoma
Car Wrecks
April 1, 2020

Do I need an Attorney After a Car Crash?

When You Want a Car Crash Attorney If you have been in an accident, you know the stress they cause.  To top it all off,…
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Car Wrecks
March 16, 2020

Personal Injury Attorney Zach Herbert talks with Dr. Chris Chun about the Coronavirus or COVID-19

Car Wreck Attorney Zach Herbert interviews Dr. Chris Chun of Epic Pain and Orthopedics about the Coronavirus, what steps we can take, and how we…
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